Geloven Enzo

When you wake up, and go to school
You may know : Jesus is Cool!
When you are traveling,
By metro, bus or train,
Remember this: Jesus will not leave you again!

When you are home, Tired, glad or sad,
You have to know: No day with Jesus is bad!
When you are eating, Potatoes or bread,
You can read in the Bible : Jesus will never forget.

If you are living in Russia,
Holland or Norway, Just keep this in mind :
For Jesus is nothing to far away!

When you have problems, worries or questions,
And you don’t know how to handle it,
Just tell it to God, And He will answer it!
And maybe he answers not in the way you
Like to see, Just say this everytime :
Jesus died on the cross, and he did it for me!

God gave his son for your sins many years ago,
When you believe in him, You may be sure :
He will never ever let you go!

What ever you gonna do, Jesus is with you!
And when you say “Yes” to Jesus,
And you take Him in your heart,
You may know this to :
Jesus will be the Best friend forever,
And for you he will be it to!

Copyright © 2006 - D.Feenstra. Alle rechten voorbehouden.